new work

Using resists to transfer large black and white scans of photos taken by my Grandfather Directly after WW2, when he was stationed in Japan with the US Air Force along with my mother and my Grandmother.  I am recreating and playing with this rather romantic notion of lost histories. I add layers and layers of images, text, and letters from people long forgotten by almost everyone on this planet, re-purposed and rearranged to tell alternative histories. Where do you come from? What people and places make up the constructed and well rehearsed stories you tell when people ask questions like, “Did you move a lot as a kid?” “What nationality are you?” “Is your family patriotic?” “Are you and your family close?” “When was the last time you went home?” “How did your parents meet?” How did your grandparents meet?” Everyone has answers to these questions, and they are generally grounded in the truth, but are they the actual truth? And does it matter?